“It is a privilege to work on what makes you happy. I love my work and always find ways to move forward. I have recently been learning to dream more freely so the possibilities are even greater and more attractive.”

Areas of work

  • psychological counseling
  • psychotherapy
  • supervision
  • development and implementation of educational counseling programs
  • development and implementation of preventive programs
  • conducting national and international projects

Specific skills and experience:

In addition to psychological counseling and psychotherapy for individuals and groups, I carry out educational counseling and prevention projects for the promotion of mental health, strengthening of personal resiliency and successful stress management, preparing for and dealing with crisis situations, providing psychosocial support after traumatic experiences, preventive programs for violence prevention, abuse and neglect of children. I have many years of experience in providing psychological counseling to participants of various crisis events. For many companies I provide first psychological aid and counseling to employees after crises situations (robberies, threats, attacks, work accidents and other forms of violence). I have conducted a number of educational counseling programs. In recent times, I am especially devoted to developing and implementing programs for the enhancement of personal resiliency as an important protective factor for our health and well-being. I am also the co-author of the monograph Psihosocialna pomoč po nesrečah in drugih kriznih dogodkih (Psychosocial help after accidents and other crisis events).